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Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >> shepard: james rosen, thank you. the afghan president hamid karzai is set to is sit down with president obama in washington this week. according to the analysts the biggest topic of discussion will likely be the u.s. force that remains inside afghanistan after the military starts its drawdown next year. the afghan president has insistd that all remaining american soldiers should follow afghan law while president obama has called that a deal breaker and for are any potential security agreement. robert young peloton is with us. he has just come back from afghanistan. he is an author and filmmaker. he was spending weeks with u.s. special forces hunting taliban militants. good afternoon. >> hi, how are you doing? >> shepard: he blames us for everything. why in the world would the president talk to him? >> you have to watch his game. he is looking forward to releasing all of the 3,000 or so prisoners while u.s. forces are busy putting them in jail. he knows he will not get the north so he decided to bring the taliban back into the government. these things won't be discussed too openly as he
Jan 7, 2013 2:30am PST
to be eager to get back to business. >>> karzai arrives in d.c. today and he'll meet with president obama, they're expected to discuss the withdrawal of u.s. troops and nato troops in 2014. officials say that the obama administration is considering leaving behind a minimal force, after security is handed over the afghans. karzai is expected to arrive with a wish list of both financial and military aid. he'll also be bringing with him a list of complaints. karzai's clash with the u.s. over treatment of afghan prisoners in u.s. custody just two days ago. in an interview with nbc, karzai was critical of what he described of continued attacks on afghan villages. much of the insecurity in his country is because of the u.s. and nato presence there. >>> overseas news, the u.s. is rejecting a peace plan from syrian president basha rshgbash. he said yesterday, blamed his country's struggles on the opposition. the u.s. state department in a very diplomatic response said that his plan is quote detached from reality. >>> all right, as always let us know why you're up watching this program. shoot me a
Jan 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
, president obama and karzai will support who will support the soldiers. karzai was u.s. soldiers out of this country's villages. afghans have taken over security for nearly 90% of the military. in some areas, they were far from ready. on the agenda this week will be progress in talks with the taliban. insurgents will be sent a warning. if karzai and the kabul regime agree with the presence of a single american soldier, they will also be a responsible for future hostilities, casualties, and destruction. some hoped the meeting will mean troops will pack up and head home sooner. that might help the peace process. >> if international troops withdraw from the country, the jihad against international invaders will be totally or more than 90% over. >> this meeting will influence the number of soldiers president obama is willing to send home and the number president karzai is willing to tolerate. this has changed into a war of counterterrorism. the interest of afghanistan and america will not be easily disentangled. across the country, u.s. bases are disappearing. this week's meeting will he
Jan 7, 2013 7:00am EST
the washington post this morning. sovereignty is among one of the chief issues the afghan leader plans to us discuss with president obama. hillary clinton plans to return to work today. this is from the huffington post and were terse. it says -- there are nearly a dozen weavin meetings at the white ho. one meeting will include leon panetta and tom donnellan. another story in the international press. assad is defiant, the leader of syria. he says he will stay put. another story in the news. hurricane sandy. a headline in the washington times. senator reid says -- the story is in our question for you this morning is whether spending should be tied to a debt limit increase. should there be a refusal to increase the debt limit until spending as cut? lauren, baltimore, democrat. caller: here is my problem. if there was not spending, there would not be a debt limit. why should there be a question concerning the issue? in terms of governmental spending, i am not sure if very many are aware that government officials are making 2, 3, and four times as much as the average individual when the
Jan 7, 2013 8:00am PST
she's scheduled for high level meetings with the president, defense secretary, and the afghan president who is traveling to washington. for more on secretary clinton's last days in the obama administration want to bring in and say good morning to former ambassador mark ginsberg and a former white house advisor on the middle east. mark, it's great to see you this morning. let's talk about the state department. i'll show it to everybody. just released a picture of secretary clinton. in her tenure, as we all know, it's wibding down. republicans in congress still want to hear what she has to say, her testimony officially on benghazi. are we likely to hear from secretary clinton on that matter before she steps down? >> thomas, good morning. absolutely. i think the secretary clearly wants to be able to testify. i'm sure she would have wanted to testify before she got ill. after all, she is the -- she took a responsibility for the events. she commissioned a terrific investigation of the incident. when i say terrific, she had a five-star team of investigators who basically made a reco
Jan 7, 2013 9:00am PST
policy? >>> afghan president hamid karzai is on his way to washington right now where he will meet with president obama and defense department officials later this week. the prime minister of afghanistan calls this trip one of karzai's most important visits and believes it will cast new light on the future relations with america. part of that future is what happens after 2014. the scheduled u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. the weekend the "wall street journal" says the white house is deciding between keeping 3,000, 6,000, or 9,000 troops affect withdrawal. it is an apparent shift from what was recommended by general john allen who wanted between 6,000 and 15,000 remaining soldiers. this is not the first time the president and the pentagon have failed to see eye to eye. in a new book released today former commander in afghanistan stanley mcchrystal writes that he saw the emergence of an unfortunate deficit of trust between the white house and the department of defense largely arising from the decision making process on afghanistan. to me it appeared unintentional on both sides, but
Jan 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
reconvenes. but that's not till after president obama's inauguration january 21st. in her first week back, clinton's schedule lists several white house meetings midweek and talks with afghan president hamid karzai thursday and friday. aides say she's also meeting with staff behind the scenes. but when it compaes to her futu, says her friend and come democratic political analyst hillary rosen, clinton is not rushing any decisions. >> everybody for the next two years is going to talk to her about whether or not she's going to run for president. i think she's expecting that. i think she's grown, you know, quite a thick skin and kind of laughing it off and not feeling pressure to follow anybody else's timetable. >> reporter: but even if hillary clinton isn't planning to run in 2016, she can't afford to look weak or incapacitated right now. her aides indicate she's going to try to use every available minute in these last few weeks and make them count. wolf. >> let's hope for the best for her. we wish her only the best. glad to see her out and about. i thought she looks terrific today when she
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7